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Exclusive Services

If you need Custom Art, Video Editing and Production, Photos, Graphic Design,

 IRL & Metaverse Event Coordination or Art Curation....

The_Sovereign has got your back.

With years of experience, a wide range of skills and vast network of professionals there's no limit to what can be done for you and your Brand.

We work with a variety of budgets, at all scales.

Click the Contact Button and let me know what you need.

Custom Art  & Portraits

Custom Art for your Band, Book Cover, Business or Brand.

Portraits of You and or Your Family

and Loved ones.


Photoshoot for Artists, Products, Models & Events.

Video Editing

Video Editing for Music Videos, Short Films, Commercials or Promotional Videos.

Graphic Design

Graphic design poster.png

Graphic Designs ​& Copy for

Decks, Press Releases, Flyers, Posters, Posts, Business cards, Resumes & Logos. 

Behind the Scenes

Exclusive Behind the Scenes Video

of your Music Videos, Short Films, Commercials, Photoshoots & Events.

Event Coordination and Art Curation

IRL Event Coordination  with a team of Fabricators, Producers, Event Staff etc.

Art Curator for IRL & Metaverse Galleries

Event Coordination for Metaverse Events

as well as Custom Metaverse Galleries

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